Underground Structures such as clean water tanks and Septic tanks are susceptible to water ingress from external sources like surrounding soil as well as soluble salts can infiltrate the tank and Cause reinforcement attack if not properly waterproof. This likely occurs because of honeycombs, voids, cracks, airpockets and stone joints which are not properly treated for masonry tanks.

Water tanks are also prone to loosing water which should not be the case as this may lead to losses. Septic tanks on the other hand should not fill up quickly because of water ingress from outside that’s why our waterproofing technics gives you a guarantee of impermeability to any water into your Structures.

Septic tank (Syokimau) - 25,000 Litres

Septic tank (Utawala) - 11,000 Litres

Water tank (Kasarani) - 60,000 Litres

Water tank in (Karen) - 60,000 Litres

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